Reconstitution of tyrosine kinase signaling in cell-free systems: Synthetic membrane protein dimerization and lipid modification

The Main Goals of the project are:

  • Reconstitution of EGFR depended signaling pathways in cell-free systems
  • In vitro generation and chemical modification of constitutively active EGF-Receptor (via genetically encoded unnatural amino acids utilized to dimerize the receptor permanently) and its downstream effector RhoA (via the introduction of lipid moieties facilitated by unnatural amino acids)
  •  Reconstitution of integral membrane proteins and membrane associated proteins in lipid bilayers by combination of chemical methods and naturally occurring posttranslational modifications in cell-free systems (via genetically encoded unnatural amino acids and novel heterobisfunctional linker chemistries)
  • Development of novel heterobisfunctional linker chemistries for protein dimerization- Implementation of novel tRNA/tRNA synthetase pairs for the incorporation of unnatural amino acids into proteins in various in vitro translation systems
  • Monitoring functionality of in vitro synthesized and constitutive active membrane proteins through detection of phosphorylation (Antibody based Assays) and Protein-Protein interaction analysis (mass spectrometry Assays)- Identification of novel inhibitory components with regard to the EGF-receptor’s downstream signaling pathway.

Dr. Stefan Kubick
Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology (IZI)
Branch Bioanalytics and Bioprocesses (IZI-BB), Potsdam
Department of Cell-free Bioproduction

Tel.: +49 331 58187 - 306
Fax: +49 331 58187 - 399

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Dr. Stefan Schiller
Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Tel.: +49 761 203 97405
Fax: +49 761 203 97451

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Publications within the SPP 1623 project

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D. Wiegandt, S. Vieweg, F. Hofmann, D. Koch, F. Li, Y. Wu, A. Itzen, M.P. Müller, R.S. Goody
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Locking GTPases covalently in their functional states

C. Hedberg, A. Itzen
ACS Chem. Biol. 2015, 10, 12-21
Molecular perspectives on protein adenylylation.
Link to the article

M.P. Müller, M.F. Albers, A. Itzen, C. Hedberg
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Link to the article

M.F. Albers, C. Hedberg
J. Org. Chem. 2013, 78(6), 2715-2719
Amino Acid Building Blocks for Fmoc Solid-Phase Synthesis of Peptides Phosphocholinated at Serine, Threonine, and Tyrosine
Link to the article