Welcome to the official homepage of the DFG-funded priority program 1623 (Schwerpunktprogramm 1623)

"Chemoselective reactions for the synthesis and application of functional proteins"

In 2012 chemists, biochemists and biophysicists from all over Germany started this interdisciplinary research association. One of the main goals of this effort is the development of innovative methods for the synthesis of proteins with exceptional biological importance, in particular by combining chemical and molecular biological approaches.

Hereby, the priority program focuses on the generation of functional proteins like glycoproteins, histones and other proteins that play an important role in signal transduction. To elucidate the functional behavior of these proteins, they will be further modified by the addition of natural posttranslational modifications or biophysical probes. To achieve this goal, conventional molecular biological methods need to be complemented with chemical approaches. Therefore the priority program 1623 combines a broad methodical spectrum and expertise from groups all over Germany and focuses on a much-noticed, cutting-edge research area, which is expected to give important impulses for biological sciences and pharmaceutical applications.